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  • What if an item receives more donations than needed?
    That would be wonderful! Any extra funds will be distributed in the form of other highly needed items that will save little lives, transform families, and build a culture of life in our communities.
  • How does Network of Life ensure financial responsibility?
    Thank you for carefully stewarding your resources. Our Commitment to Our Donors is published on our website and can be found by clicking here.
  • What happens after I give a gift?
    Your gift goes right to work and directly impacts our client programming. And you’ll receive a beautiful gift from Network of Life as our thank you.
  • Can I give a general gift to be used as needed?
    Yes, thank you! Our Gift Catalogue offers only a few of the many programs and items needed for our day-to-day services to young moms and dads. Your gift to our general fund will be used to advance our mission in the many areas not highlighted in this catalogue list. No gift is too large and no gift is too small to make an eternal impact. Click here to donate a general gift!
  • Who is Network of Life? Is it the same as Women’s Choice Network?
    Since 1985, we’ve been reaching those most vulnerable to abortion and empowering them to choose life. Our services and outreach have grown over those years to include our three medical pregnancy centers, resources for schools, post abortion care, and community education. While our three centers are still called Women’s Choice Network, the larger umbrella organization Network of Life encompasses all of our programs and services. For more about us, click here.
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